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Pushtara-Phulara Ridge Trek: An Escape to A Dreamscape

If you have been to the Himalayas, you may be physically present anywhere else in the world, but your soul remains in the lap of the mountains, and nature has blessed the mountains of Uttarakhand with bountiful of beauty that makes you catch your breath at every sight. From the mysterious labyrinths of deep forests to the whispers of the rivers, from the colours of birds to the colours of wild flowers in the green ‘Bugiyals’ or meadows, from the ancient lofty mountains standing in quiet meditation to the bubbling waterfalls rushing down like gleeful maidens, Uttarakhand has it all. No wonder it is called ‘Deva Bhumi’: the land of gods. A journey to Uttarakhand is indeed a spiritual odyssey, and if you are a passionate trekker, Uttarakhand is absolutely the right place to explore.

There are numerous trek routes in Uttarakhand, and some of them have rarely been trodden. Those paths hold the most beautiful and breathtaking treasures for your eyes and your soul. Trekking along the mountain ridges is one of the rarest trekking experiences India has to offer. One of those routes is the trek to the meadows of Pushtara through Phulara ridge. Prepare yourself for the ecstasy of watching the snow-capped mountains at your eye level, while walking along a mountain-ridge.

Let me take you to the trek with a series of pictures painted with words, so that when you experience it in real, you can realize that the description is not even half as beautiful as the place, which will perhaps double your happiness.

The journey starts from Dehradun. In around 7 hours, you will reach Mori camp-site by the river Tons. If you are a water-sports enthusiast, you will be delighted to indulge in river rafting. Mori is a quaint village adorned with the tallest pines, ancient temples, ravines and paddy fields. Several trek routes emerge from the camp site of Mori. The inhabitants in this village believe themselves to be the descendants of Kauravas from the Mahabharata. The village even has a temple dedicated to the worship of Duryodhana.

From Mori you will take the path to Sankri. The tiny hamlet of Sankri is famous for serving as a base camp for treks. It is a delight for adventure seekers. Sankri offers trekking, bird watching, camping and even zipline activities. This picturesque village will at once steal your heart with the surrounding pine forests and glorious snow capped mountains. This is where you leave your vehicle and your worldly worries behind, and start trekking towards Juda Ka Talab.

It is a trek of 4 kilometres from Sankri to Juda Ka Talab through a mesmerizing pine forest. It is a lake at an altitude of 2700 metres. In winter the lake remains entirely frozen. According to local beliefs, once Lord Shiva had opened a lock of his hair and a drop of water fell off his hair to form this lake. Juda Ka Talab is reachable throughout the year except in monsoon.

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