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What Makes Mussoorie The Queen Of Hills?

Among so many hills stations of India, Mussoorie is rated as one of the busiest tourist destinations. Well, if you read about Mussoorie and do not give a visit, it would be a huge shame. Even if it stays busy in the season period, nature and its aura say millions of expressions, because of which not only tourists from the neighboring states and all across the country but also Dehradun locals tend to visit Mussoorie on a regular basis. It is probably one of the very few hill stations in the world, which gives a complete view of the City valley on which the mountain range banks.

Located in the Uttarakhand state, Mussoorie is situated at an elevated height of 2005 meters/6580 feet. The station boasts of rich flora and fauna, incredible scenic and panoramic views of Dehradun Valley from the face of Mussoorie and surrounding snow capped Himalayan peaks from the backside.

Many would love to go out, in the midst of fresh air and hike through the trails of the hills. Mussoorie does not disappoint in this department either. Local people tend to travel by foot or even hike/trek through to reach different spots of this popular place. With the tag ‘Queen of the Hills’, comes a huge responsibility. This comes in the shape of retaining the number of tourists every year. If you are planning to visit Mussoorie on your own or plan a guided tour, there are some places you might want to study or research about. So, let us go through some of the breathtaking spots in and around Mussoorie that have made it a place to be there on every individual’s bucket list.

It has to be one of the best and most touristy spots of Mussoorie. If you have not been to Kempty Falls, then you have not visited this hill station. The fall for which this spot is famous flows down the face of the giant rock that is more than 12 meters high. While you stand on the foot of the rock, all you can do is admire and appreciate our mother nature.

On the foot of the rock where the fall ends is a small space where the water strikes and collects. You will see a lot of people from all around the country bathing and enjoying the cold, sizzling essence of the waterfall, while some might be seen swimming. You would be astonished to know the number of visitors this spot receives annually – a staggering number of more than 1 million.

Kempty Fall is about 15 kilometers from Mussoorie. If you do now have your own vehicle, do not hesitate in hiring a can for yourself.

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