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For the love of the Himalayas!

Whether it is the wanderlust, love for the mountains or a desperate need to get away from monotony; we all have our reason to lose ourselves in the breathtaking yet formidable Himalayas. But about us any good trekker knows the value of a good leader who can guide them through their high altitude adventures and bring them safely back to civilization. We assure you trek leaders who can do exactly that.



With more than 14 years of experience, Chain Singh Chauhan in one of the most experienced trek leaders you can find in the Indian Himalayan Region. A certified Advanced and a Search and Rescue Mountaineer, Chain Singh has lead countless treks and expeditions and has worked with some of the most reputed adventure tour operators in India. He specializes in custom made treks; analysing individual and group requirements, equipping a crew and logistics best suited for a particular expedition and most importantly, never compromising on the safety of his team.

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‘Himalayan runner’ began with the realization that not everyone has the luxury to adjust to the ‘fixed’ date treks or wants to be herded along in large groups. It is our endeavour to provide high quality personalized treks suited for small groups of trekkers while keeping their safety paramount. We serve a challenging yet safe platter of adventure exactly when you are hungry for it.