The beginning of the trek starts for Mayali Pass is from Ghuttu, and the trail follows Bhilangana valley for much of its distance. The hiking trail offers spectacular vistas in every direction and is surrounded on all sides by towering peaks. You will need to visit multiple locations from this vantage point, and from each of the vantage points, the view will be unique and unquestionably more captivating than the one you just saw. The trek path will likely take you by some beautiful bodies of water and bosoms, unless snowy peaks are the next stop on the itinerary. In every twist and bend, nature has packed huge quantities of young beauty, particularly as sustenance for the weariness of your voyage. The trail through the hamlet comes to an end at Gangi, which is where the adventure begins. The beginning of your ascent will be at Gangi. The second part of the journey is going to be marked by exceptional splendour and tranquilly, both of which will serve to distract you from your weariness. Easy hiking trail that will show you the beauty and bounty of nature: Kalyani is just a few kilometres away from Gangi, yet the hike over such a little distance is rather strenuous. Kharsoli is the location that is closest to Kalyani, and it is covered with thick meadows. This section of the walk has some of the most impressive base camping facilities. Your mind will be filled with some of the most extreme and exciting ideas as you explore the alpine and teak forests, which both include water and grassland.



Trek Distance: 95 kms

Height: 17,500 Ft.

Grade: Moderate to Difficult

Best Time: May to October

Listing Ameneties

Trek Plan

Our trip to Ghuttu will begin in the early hours of the morning, and it will take us around 8 hours to get there. Upon arrival, accommodations for the night were secured in the form of a hotel or a camp.

As this is the very first day of the trek, your body is likely not yet adapted to the activity of hiking, and as a result, the ascent will be a bit more challenging for you today. Once you have walked for around two hours along a dirt road in the heat, you will enter a deep forest and continue your journey while strolling in the shade until you reach Reeh. The route first follows the river as it makes its way upstream, and it then begins an arduous ascent while winding its way through a pine forest. Along this path, you'll come across several rhododendron and bamboo plantations of varying sizes. There are not many people living in the area around the little settlement of Reeh, which is situated in the middle of breathtaking scenery. Following a strenuous day of hiking, we will set up camp here for the evening and spend the night in the tents.

Today, we are going to start making our way from Reeh to Gangi. Ascent will take between three and four hours due to the steepness of the mountain. The first part of the hike will include ascending the hill located behind GMVN in Reen before continuing on to Gangi. The climb up to Gangi is steep and continues to angle upwards from there. When you reach the point along the trail where there are a significant number of ranches, you will have completed about half of the day's journey. Gangi is a Garhwali hamlet that is characteristic of the region and is located around two hours away. Once we have completed our journey and reached the final destination, we will either return to the GMVN to spend the night or put up a tent anywhere nearby. The journey to Gangi from Reeh takes travellers across a number of expansive meadows located high on the ridge above the valley. After we have traversed the top of the ridge, you will be treated to mesmerising vistas of both the South Ghuttu and the Panwali Kantha as you continue on the trek.

As soon as Gangi is out of sight, we will guide you through a few of sections of the landslides that are in the area. We can't afford to take any chances as we go along this section of the path since the route has a tendency to veer off course during parts like this. When we have finished traversing this section of landslip, we will move onward for a little rise that will bring us closer to the ground in Kalyani. There is an embankment on one side of the little plane ground, and there is a canyon below the other side of the ground. The alternative road that departs from Mala joins at Kalyani, which is the location where it begins. There are a number of activities that you might do for the day, and you could even take the day off to go to the Sahasratal and Bhimtal lakes, which are known for their stunning landscapes. This vacation will serve as a valuable training opportunity for the next walk that you are planning. It is possible that camping in Kalyani would be a wonderful idea, but if you are in a hurry, you should continue along the route. The village of Kharsoli may be found ten miles away from Kalyani, and unfortunately, this area does not have any suitable camping sites.

Chowki is today's objective, as well as the next location on our itinerary. After we have travelled about half the distance away from Kharsoli, we will emerge from the forest and into the meadows. This is the day when we will go over the river in order to get to Chowki. It is possible that crossing the river will be difficult. Because of this, it is very important to be prepared to construct a temporary flyover in the event that there is no bridge in the area to cross the river. Before beginning the journey, check to see that the guides and porters have sufficient supplies and equipment at their disposal. We will stop in Chowki for the day so that our bodies can adjust to the higher elevation. The next two days of the climb will cause you to quickly gain altitude, and a day spent in Chowki will go a long way towards ensuring the successful completion of the trip to the pass.

The route to Masartal travels through boulder country while following the unending shepherds pathway, which may be rather precarious in spots. In the event that you are unable to go precisely as planned, you are allowed to pause here for some time in order to obtain some rest. The location has some breathtaking vistas. After continuing along the path, we will traverse the upper portions of the Khatling Glacier and make our way to the towering pass known as the Auden Col, which is 5,400 metres in elevation, before continuing on in the direction of Gangotri. As one approaches the Jaonli (6630 metres), the Jogin crests become readily apparent. The journey will now continue to develop transversely from the towering alpine area and slopes to the quiet and the peaceful waters of the Masar Tal (4590 metres). Up until around the middle of June, the water here is coated in ice. The Masar Tal is a frigid alpine lake that is located at a rather high elevation. This location is unquestionably quite chilly, and one full hour must pass before one can really appreciate the breathtaking beauty of this setting. Masar tal is said to be the location of the overnight encampment.

At the Masar Top, we are going to start climbing upwards, and the Kedar Dome will be on your far left. In the heart of the dome is a massive glacier, and beneath it is a large snow field. After getting over the glacier, you will have the opportunity to traverse a large snow field. Because of the vastness of this snow-covered landscape, it is difficult to take joy in your surroundings. When you have finally arrived at this location, you are unable to determine the precise scale on which it is situated. You don't have anything to accurately contrast what you notice, so just ignore it. The breathtaking panorama that can be seen from the Masar Top looks almost exactly like the surface of the moon. After leaving Masar Top, we will go further and begin walking over a terrain that is characterised by steep landslides. On the route, you are not allowed to proceed after the glacier; instead, you will travel around the hill. The journey through the process, which will be guided by your tour escort, will be a little bit difficult to complete. After that, you will be dealing with the glaciers that are immovable and have a lot of snow. Simply once, you go over the slope, pass through the huge snow meadow which may take approximately an hour, and to reach the Mayali Pass it is an upright ascent in the snow. Ropes may come in handy if you want to get through this part of the climb. Get ready for a steep drop to the Mayali Pass when you've finished celebrating there. The descent is a drawn-out process that requires a lot of effort. You will be walking on snow for the first two km of the journey; after that, the terrain will change to consist of large and tiny rocks, which may be difficult for your ankles to navigate. After an ascent that lasts about two hours and a descent that takes about the same amount of time, you will be close to the camping area in the Vasuki Tal region. Because the Tal is a sacred lake, the caretaker who lives nearby will recommend that you set your camp some distance away from it.

You may take it easy today since we won't be setting out for the trekuntil 9.30 in the morning. The valley of Vasuki Tal is a naturally serene and breathtaking location, making it an ideal setting for practising one's spirituality. It's possible that there won't be any snow around here in September. This journey will eventually lead you to the top of a canyon that overlooks Vasuki Tal. In order to reach the opposite side of the valley that surrounds Vasuki Tal, you will have to climb to the top of the gorge first. The ascent takes roughly an hour to complete and is not very straightforward. You are at an elevation that is not lower than 4000 metres in this area. It is possible to see Kedarnath from that vantage point. You have arrived to the bank of the Mandakini River at this point. At Kedarnath, you'll be able to view a river that looks just like this one. You will now go ahead beside the Mandakini, which is not the major stream but rather a smaller tributary that flows into it. After walking down this path for a while, you will finally get your first glimpse of Kedarnath below you. At this point, you will need to continue descending for another one and a half hours. You may get some rest and relax if you stay at one of the many sites in Kedarnath where lodging is offered. There are several options.

You will be directed on a journey towards a well-laid trail that is 6 feet wide and which will enable you go down around 14 km till you reach Gaurikund if you wake up early in the morning. Travel to the settlement of Rambara, which is home to a number of improvised eateries where pilgrims may purchase meals. You will arrive at Gaurikund if you continue descending. Get in our pre-booked car to make the approximately four-hour trip to Rudraprayag in order to reach your destination. Another well-known holy location, Rudraprayag is situated at the meeting point of the rivers Mandakini and Alaknanda. In the evening, transfer to the airport for your onward flight.

After breakfast, we will depart for Haridwar, passing by Devprayag on the way. Say goodbye to new friends and mountains.



Things to Carry

  • Government ID Card and 2 Passport size photo
  • Up to 60lts backpack with its waterproof cover
  • Raincoat
  • Water bottle (temperature maintained one)
  • Personal Medical Kit
  • Snacking items
  • Glucose
  • T-shirt
  • Fleece T-shirt
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Trek pants
  • Poncho
  • Woolen gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • Sanitizer
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Toilet papers
  • Wet wipes and Tissues
  • Lip balm
  • Torch
  • Woolen Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Trekking shoes
  • Woolen Socks
  • Moisturizer
  • Quick dry towel


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