Customize Your Trek

As a community, we aim to provide you with individualised and tailored trekcation experiences. We accomplish this by gaining a comprehension of you, your group, if applicable, your needs, and your interests, and then customising itineraries to meet those needs.

Who Choose Us

For Your Customize Treks / Tours

Customising the trek may be a great option for families, school groups, and social groups. People mistakenly believe that we don't organise excursions for larger groups because we don't accept more than fifteen individuals per departure batch. We typically do not accept more than fifteen participants in fixed departure batches because the individuals there come from diverse backgrounds, making team formation difficult within the time constraints we have. This is not a concern for undiversified teams, for which we operate in a very different manner. We tend to ensure that the participant-to-leader ratio does not fall below 8:1 and that the cluster does not split into multiple groups.


  • Hygienic Food

    Clean hygienic food promise will always be there by our side.

  • Hygienic Equipment

    After every single use, we clean and dry everything.

  • Safe for Female

    We provide a safe trek for every female as a priority.

  • Emergency Aid

    We always carry our maximum emergency first aid kit with us.